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For those who want a beautiful environment which reflects an environmentally conscious lifestyle, look no further than LaCor Furniture Industries. The sculptural lines, durable materials and warm earthy colors are pleasing to the eye and richly textured to the touch. In a fascinating union of style and substance, LaCor has led more and more designers to embrace a product that is sustainable, stylish and ecologically sound.

Exclusive to the hospitality and interior design trade, LaCor Furniture offers an extensive line of contract quality furnishings; seating, casegoods, bedroom groups, mirrors and accessories, that are built to last. With over 275 styles to choose from LaCor stocks over 6000 items that can be delivered within a few short weeks.

Founded over 30 years ago, LaCor’s commitment is to find materials that are 100% sustainable and with them build beautiful, high-quality furniture, made to last. We believe that nature is an extraordinarily complex system, so economical that modern methods of manufacturing pale in comparison to the elegant systems of natural production. Rattan, a vine from the palm family, and bamboo, a strong grass, are both fast growing and renewable. Responsible harvesting means that forest trees remain undisturbed. Other raw materials include abaca and sea grass, which are spun into durable fine gage rope, and then artfully hand-woven over our sturdy frames.

In LaCor’s Gifted by Nature collection we hand gather coco-twigs, seedpods, vines and grasses when they have done their job for Mother Nature and would otherwise be mulch. Nowhere can Nature’s contribution be seen so clearly than in the colors that are found here. Deep chocolates, ambers and rusts are all unveiled in this dynamic family of accessories.

LaCor’s main focus is on sustainable design inspired by nature’s wondrous landscape. This strong fusion of design and environmental concern, of substance meets style, has spawned a new generation of design. In the LaCor facility in Garden Grove, California, a unique 5-step water base finishing process adds depth and dimension to the furniture without adding toxins or emission to the environment. Take a deep breath and you will find that the air is clean and workers are safe and healthy – truly an inspired environment from all standpoints.

At LaCor we offer craftsmanship that comes from attention, knowledge and skill to create individual designs that compliment any environment.

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