Go Green

When other companies are struggling to go green, LaCor Furniture has been sustainable all along.

In the era where great design often comes at the expense of environment, the solution is LaCor Furniture Industries, where renewable materials and timeless style has spawned a new generation of design.

Founded over 30 years ago, LaCor uses primarily materials that are 100% sustainable creating beautiful, high-quality furniture, built to last. LaCor’s main focus is on sustainable design inspired by nature’s wondrous landscape made primarily for the hospitality industry.

LaCor believes that nature is an extraordinarily complex system, so economical that modern methods of manufacturing pale in comparison to the elegant systems of natural production. LaCor frames are constructed primarily from sustainable rattan and bamboo. Rattan, a vine from the palm family and bamboo, a grass are both fast growing & renewable. Responsible harvesting means forest trees remain undisturbed. A few frames do contain cultivated hardwood elements, but LaCor never uses uncultivated or undocumented hardwoods. Other raw materials used in LaCor’s manufacturing include abaca and sea grass, which are spun into durable fine gage rope, and then artfully hand-woven over sturdy frames. Water base finishes are used on the frames, which means no toxins and no emissions to the environment when processing¬†and a safe, healthy environment for LaCor employees.

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